INSIDER PEEK / i.e. some CHANGE SUPPORTING OR ENHANCING RESOURCES we cover in our programs and we are making AVAILABLE TO YOU FOR FREE (click on pictures): 

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Your mindsets will impact your capacity to learn, grow and flourish. One mindset continuum that is particularly important and has been highlighted by Carol Dweck is whether you are more of the time at the Fixed Mindset or at the Growth Mindset end.

Below is a video by Trevor Ragan of Train Ugly regarding the same concept.

Even if you cannot attend one of our Thrive 101 free seminar, you may find value in reviewing some of the resources that has informed the session. Enjoy discovering some of the wisdom about self-compassion, the inner critic and letting go of limiting assumptions.

Each week we practice the power of Check Ins to accelerate the capacity to trust within and between us. Why bother with trust? Because it is foundational to self-development and is the only way to ensure sustainable high effectiveness teamwork. See the books by Patrick Lencioni or Amy Edmondson for more information on the importance of Trust in team efforts.

In both Change Starts With You and the Women Agents of Change masterclass, we encourage participants to become more intentional about which areas of our life we are focusing on and which areas may be at risk of being neglected.

man enough website

third space practice pdf

personal growth plan pdf


A US website with video resources and articles where men talk about the constraints of a certain model of masculinity, the rules in use, the cultural parameters that men are bound by. Very interesting for us as women agents of change to consider how we are shaped by gender cultures and for men who are agents of change to consider how they are shaped, limited, enabled, or supported by how they take on their own gender culture.

The Third Space practice is a way learned from top athletes on how to find your calm in the eye of the everyday busy-ness storms. Our thanks to our program partner Lilia Abreu Mawson of Princeton Lab coaching and consulting for bringing this practice into the Women Agents Of Change portfolio!

A PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN DOCUMENT to help you plan out your own forward development and to learn from the recent past