FOUR JOURNALS AND PLANNERS - I know, sounds like a lot of journal choices, but I enjoy the range of structures provided - find the one that meets your style and needs. All are good - Dorian

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Number 1 - Vertellis Chapters - This journal, diary, and inspirational book from the Netherlands is a personal coach in the form of a book. It contains a mix of mindfulness & practices in a non-wishy-washy way and helps you live life more consciously and become more positive in your day-to-day activities.

Number 2 - Danielle LaPorte's planner is a sensuous invitation to imagine what you most desire, how you most want to feel, and then plan goals and objectives inspired by that sense of life lived fully and with passionate attachment to discovering what it is you are here to do, learn, create, support, flourish into. 

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Number 3 - The 5-Second Journal by Mel Robbins. This journal is great: the simple and practical layout, the research Mel Robbins used to select the elements, the daily confidence exercises, the gratitude practice.

Here is a PDF explaining the science behind the journal

Number 4 - The Rituals for Living Dreambook has a completely different tone and emphasis from the 5-second journal but is just as helpful. I use the Dreambook at the start of the year to outline key plans, leverage the 5-second journal at the start of each day, and review progress in the Dreambook weekly.