thrive collage 2hr workshop - 11am to 1pm at sewhip Feb 24 2019

In person at SewHip* in Tucson, Arizona - February 24, 2019 - Intention Setting & Fabric Collageing

If you want your intentions to flourish, register for this crafty, fun, creative (yet scientifically proven) framework that will recenter your 2019 goals. Intention setting meets upcycling meets collage.

Dorian-Patrizia Baroni and Jane Bosman will guide this two-hour hands on workshop. Sewing skills not required. Jane is originally from South Africa, attended Brown University and Parsons, spending many years in NYC and Rhode Island before finally settling in Tucson. She is passionate about upcycling, sustainability in fashion and teaches in the fashion department at Pima Community College.

*SewHip was founded by creative sisters Brittany and Kristin.


intention setting & COLLAGEing - 9AM us pACIFIC fEB 25 2019

Live Webinar - FREE WITH REGISTRATION - February 25, 2019 - Intention Setting & Collageing - for women only

Most new year's resolutions are forgotten by the end of January. Many goals languish throughout the year.

If you want your intentions to flourish, show up for this learning and collageing videocall to experience a fun, creative (yet scientifically proven) framework that will recenter your 2019 goals. Dorian-Patrizia Baroni and Lilia Abreu Mawson will guide the hour to get you started in fuller directions.

Bring your dreams, your change goals, however fuzzy, and a bunch of old magazines (scissors optional). No craft savvynees needed.


Change Starts With You (CSWY)

- 8 SESSIONS/60 to 90 days/ Online MAR-MAY

Online program - 8 sessions + your own action experiments + individualized coaching support - “Change Starts With You” practicum starts March 4 2019 through May - for women only

Clarity + Ease + Action Experiments. You know you want to change but don’t know where to start. Or you’ve tried to change in the past and it simply hasn’t stuck. You are ready to find better frameworks, tips and the secrets to lasting change.

Develop a stronger sense of personal agency and self-awareness, so you are able to make clearer decisions, implement changes with greater ease and discover the catalysts that let you have the life you actually want. Our focus is on practices, research and action experiments focused on “changing self” through shifts in mindsets, behaviors and ingrained habits that keep us stuck, with faculty coaching guidance from Dorian Baroni of Women Agents of Change and Lilia Abreu Mawson of Princeton Labs.

There’s no flight or hotel room to book when you register for our foundational online practicum. We have designed this practicum for generosity. (Thank you Nipun Mehta for your Ted Talk) If you can afford the $750 tuition, please do so when you register. If you cannot pay at this time, for whatever reason, you can choose to register at no cost now and then consider what type of payment you would like to make at the end of the program - whether through a cash contribution (any amount deeply appreciated with no judgment. truly) or with no cash at all but by helping us in our journey to fulfilling our mission of reaching 100,00+ women by sharing elements of the program with other women for free or by introducing us to foundation grants or other creative out-of-the-box ways of spreading the word and the knowledge we have to share.


Women Agents Of Change (WAOC)

- 9-month online

Online program - 9 months - October 2019 - June 2020 - WAOC is our pioneering once a year online masterclass. We will cover all three areas: self, interpersonal and systemic - for women only

Starting in October of 2019 and completing in June of 2020, this program invites us to upgrade our capacity to bring about changes in ourselves, our teams and our organizations. The program is delivered via live videocalls guided by WAOC founder and lead faculty, Dorian Baroni. Other change experts, entrepreneurs and our very own WAOC alumnae also join us in the journey to share their expertise, insights and inspiration. This will be the third masterclass offered and is open to all, and ideal for managers, coaches and consultants who want to upgrade their systemic impact.

luca bravo



New York City - Dates TBD - Our foundational online + offline 60-day change practicum - for women only

The best of both worlds (online and in person). Starts with 2 online sessions + an in person weekend + 2 more online sessions. With faculty guidance from Dorian Baroni of WAOC, and Lilia Abreu Mawson of Princetong Labs.

Dates to be announced but likely in 3Q2019


thailand voyage of discovery - late 2019 / early 2020

Thailand Voyage of Discovery - late 2019/early 2020 - for women only

A week long retreat, a gentle service project, an exploration of how travel and slowing down nurtures a clearer sense of self.

Why travel as an enhancer to learning? Because when we are in a new place we cannot rely on our usual routines and a part of us that is usually dormant wakes up to notice, not only the beauty of another geography, but also the promise of a our own full presence to what is. And for this particular trip location, we also know that we will be able to not only learn and restore ourselves, but also donate much needed funds to the local Center for Girls. In fact, you don’t have to travel with us to do so. Just click on the link above and tell them Women Agents of Change sent you! :-)

Dates to be announced but likely in 4Q2019/1Q2020. If intrigued, please let Dorian know with a quick email.



Change Starts With Your Body


90-days online

FULL AT THIS TIME - Online program- Starts January 7, 2019 - A first in 2019! Online 90-day program focused on self care and exercise - for women only

Starts Jan 7th and end April 7th - includes a strength and movement app for our group specifically tailored by personal trainer Evan List of A-List Training + the gift of a DailyOm online yoga course by master yogini Sadie Nardini + an essential oils information session by Nousha Salimi of Asha-NYC + facial care and rejuventation information session by Kelly Muzall of Downtown-Faces, body-centric reflections and much more. If interested in next offering please email Dorian


Thrive 101

- A w&m alumni sponsored webinaR

COMPLETED - Live Webinar - FREE WITH REGISTRATION - January 24, 2019 - Thrive 101 1-hour webinar

In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, it's key to know how to thrive. In this W&M Alumni network sponsored webinar Dorian will share practical information about the Trimotive Brain (Threet, Drive and Safe) so that we can improve our range of actions and key decisions. Dorian will also share some resources and simple practices that can help anyone identity and quiet their inner critics/gremlins, and help us reframe mislabeled signals of worry into signals of growth. Recording of January 2019 webinar sponsored by William and Mary Alumni.