DailyOM was founded in 2004 by Madisyn Taylor and Scott Blum, and was born out of their desire to bring the world together by offering messages of consciousness and awareness to people of all walks of life. It has since evolved to provide a whole portfolio of online courses. The Women Agents of Change program Change Starts With Your Body (CSWYB) includes a DailyOM 21-day yoga program by Sadie Nardini as a gift to all participants. We highly recommend it, whether you enroll in CSWYB with us or not.


Nousha Salimi's combines her artistry of photography, social change intentions, yoga and essential oils services to shape unique offerings in New York, Thailand and around the world. Her essential oils expertise has been featured in our Change Starts With Your Body program offerings. -


EILEEN FISHER and ANTOINETTE KLATZKY bring their individual visionary capacities, and leverage their working partnership in shaping both the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute for teenage girls and boys.

And the Eileen Fisher Lifework program offerings in Irvington NY and far beyond through their livestream capabilities - www.efli-life-org and


TARA MOHR provides inspiration and practical skills development through her book, program and blog - Playing Big. She invites women to notice and transform what is keeping them from playing bigger in theirday to day life, whether in their families, their workplaces, the world of entrepreneurship, business, government or non-profits.


Isabelle Pujol, founder of Pluribus, a global firm focused on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. Isabelle brings her full passion for the inter-connectivity of humanity to her work and her network of associates around the world.


Martha Morris Graham and Morag Dwyer of Morris Graham run a top-notch consulting firm that provides high effectiveness team interventions and executive coaching to large organizations and entrepreneurial ventures.

Based in London, Morris Graham has been positively impacting the life of leaders all over the world.


Tina De Salvo of the The Soul Purpose consulting. Tina is a veritable force of nature. She is able to bring both large and small groups into a level of conversational realness that cuts through assumptions and barriers to authentic leadership. She is based in San Francisco.   


VIBHA CHOKHANI brings her interests, sensibilities and capacities to the Mindkind Institute and its work of change and mindfulness. She is also providing coaching and facilitation herself as she explores new approaches and invites teams into a mindful approach to their interpersonal effectiveness.


Tara Lutman Agacayak of Tara Agacayak coaching


Roshi Givechi on the Steering Committee of We Are The Federation artist's organization  


Emily Tipton - founder of Boxing Rock Craft Brewery in Nova Scotia


Elsie Maio.jpg

Elsie Maio - founder of SoulBranding , bringing the lens of values and social impact to branding

Karen Bummele - founder of Your Conscious Footprint, whose work spans Coaching, Inclusion program design and delivery, CIYO women's leadership program offerings and Restorative Yoga   

Geri Johnson - co-leader of the FreeSchools nonprofit, which provides educational services to street children of Bihar to enable them to qualify for fulltime schooling

Mary Esses of Mary Esses Jewelry Designs   


Stacy Duran - founder of Portfolios With Purpose


maria baroni.jpg

Gemma Vecchio, founder of Casa Africa in Rome, Italy had the vision and determination to bring her non-profit into being to serve refugees in Italy's capital.

Maria Baroni joined the organization as a volunteer in 2017 and has poured her energy and entrepreneurial enthusiasm into the free educational services the make available to recent refugees.