JULY TO SEPTEMBER 2019 - Resources from our informal Somatic/Embodied learning journey. Feel free to share widely with family and friends, Dorian




  1. 3 SIMPLE MOVES FOR BEGINNERS are a simple way to experiment without going full yoga - https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jun/22/fitness-tips-feldenkrais-yoga-moves-for-beginners

  2. NARDINI’s ONLINE YOGA CLASSES are a great way to have access in your own home and at your own pace (and level of yoga readiness).

    You can access them through her Sadie Nardini website via https://sadienardini.com/

    OR via the excellent Daily Om course website where, for example, they offer her 21-day Yoga Body course https://www.dailyom.com/cgi-bin/courses/courseoverview.cgi?cid=167&aff=&co=1 on a sliding scale

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  1. We already knew this intuitively, but now we have scientific studies to support it: spending time in nature is good for not just the soul, but also for the body. So get out in nature: park, yard, forest, seaside, mountain…..sometime this week. Here is an article from The Guardian wellbeing section: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jun/08/forest-bathing-japanese-practice-in-west-wellbeing

  2. Article and podcast from Scientific American on the mind and body benefits from two hours in nature each week. Thank you Lilia Abreu Mawson for the share! https://www.scientificamerican.com/podcast/episode/mind-and-body-benefit-from-two-hours-in-nature-each-week/

  3. Even Business Insider had an article about the benefits of time in nature: https://www.businessinsider.com/scientific-benefits-of-nature-outdoors-2016-4

  4. The Secret Language of Trees - how trees communicate - a set of resources from a Maria Popova newsletter. Thanks Pippa Chevenix Trench for the share!

    The newsletter article https://mailchi.mp/brainpickings/amanda-palmer-stephon-alexander-rebecca-elson-trees?e=e8c8563c32

    The Animated Video

    The Suzanne Simard Ted Talk

  5. The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy site is full of resources for those interested https://www.natureandforesttherapy.org/

  6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Nature, Trees and Us - Book Recommendations

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From the Maria Popova newsletter article above

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