JULY TO SEPTEMBER 2019 - Resources from our informal Somatic/Embodied learning journey. Feel free to share widely with family and friends, Dorian


Resilience - this coming week’s theme for learning is Resilience.

  1. Reflection quetions:

    What is it? How does it show up in our body, emotions, mind, relationships, sense of purpose?

    How do we fully embody our resilience? How do we build it up? How do we (or others) undermine it?

    What gives us joy? What builds our sense of confidence? How does self-care and clear boundaries aid us in replenish our reservoirs?

    Who supports our resilience? What relationships build it up and which are toxic?

    What allows us to feel like everything can be figured out, that we are never victims of our circumstances, however dark those moments might be?

  2. Article in The Guardian by Brigid Schulte re A woman's greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself

  3. Balance Body Hookup practice pdf. Thanks to Isabelle Pujol for having shared on the July 22nd call.

  4. Graphic - The Pillars of Resilience - a reminder - Download of image below